About Us

A privately held company, Solutions MSP was founded in 2010  under the name Solutions by Steve, it has since expanded into Solutions MSP. Steve has been assisting Hoosiers since 2006 with computer repair and website development. Solutions MSP has put a lot of time in receiving certifications and qualifications just for you. Some of those certifications include Networking+, Security+, Java developer, and many more including Bachelors in Information Technology.


Having founded the company 6 years ago, Steven is actively involved in every aspect of the company’s operations and actively leads our development team, ensuring that the company’s mission is fully realized on a daily basis.


The self-funded company focuses on process improvement, network reliability, systems security, data integrity,  and an old fashioned business forward relationship with our clients.


Selling to a variety of markets, Solutions MSP has built its position in the marketplace with a strategy that addresses the pressing needs of the Small to Medium Enterprise, providing scalable integrated and customizable solutions that increase productivity to unmatched levels from a single-site environment all the way up to the enterprise environment.


We value feedback from our clients and meet regularly to discuss unique ways that we can make technology work better for you. Solutions MSP appreciates the working relationship that it holds with its customers. We believe that this customer interaction is the reason for our success.